Digital Diorama - Panel Only

An ultra high definition LED display with touch panel located in high traffic station, the Interchange of Airport Express Hong Kong & MTR Central Station

320' Digital Screen brings tremendous visual impact gives a prestige presentation to passengers
Unltra High definition LED Digital Screen support 4K video broadcast to provide the excellent visual impact 
A wide range of broadcasting options covering commercial duration, content and advertising frequency allows advertisers to display some of the most dynamic and innovative campaigns
Interactive functions on touch panel enhance passengers' engagement
Weekly Rate (HK$)
Start from HK$240,000
Minimum Booking Period:
1 week
Commencement Date:
Every Wednesday
Booking of advertising space is first-come-first serve basis and subject to availability

For details and terms and conditions, please refer to the current official ratecard: 
MTR TV & Digital Panel Network Ratecard

*The product photos are for reference only and the price doesn't include the production cost and media cost of any Posters/Stickers